Developer training

Training description

Training for developers to learn how to build and implement functionality for Alfresco Community.


          Day 1

  1. Installation in the Customer’s environment for the client’s database server. (Initial assumptions: The client has an environment with an installed operating system with access to the SQL database server. At the training, it will be possible to set up a database on the aforementioned database server.)
  2. Downloading Alfresco project from the main repository
  3. Downloading Alfresco project from the BeOne’s main repository
  4. Overview of configuration parameters and configuration architecture.
  5. Backup policy. Backup and recovery of the Alfresco system.
  6. Installation of the development environment (Requires at least 4 GB of free hard disk space).

         Day 2

  1. Alfresco JavaScript – a theoretical development with practical exercises.
  2. FTL – a theoretical development with practical exercises.
  3. Using Alfresco JavaScript and FTL for rules on folders and files.
  4. Cron expressions and task scheduling.

          Day 3

  1. Data model configuration.
  2. Configuration of the user interface for the defined data model.
  3. Creating WebScripts using a defined data model.
  4. Creating your own websites on the example of a search engine.

          Day 4

  1. Workflow modeling based on defined data models.
  2. Defining the appearance of the user’s screen.
  3. Creating classes and scripts that respond to events in workflow processes.
  4. Practical exercises.

          Day 5

  1. Repetition of messages provided during the training.
  2. Practical exercises based on the entire accumulated knowledge.
  3. Tests and final tasks verifying the acquired knowledge.

Training plan