Alfresco Activiti developer training (2 days)

Training is the use and developing of the Alfresco Activity.

Alfresco Activiti developer training (2 days)


•  Preparation of the environment

Installation requirements Activiti 7
Container overview
Kubernetes configuration
Ingress Controller installation
Preparation of Helm Charts
Configuration of the sample application
Deploy application
User and group verification – Keycloack
Activiti 7 Modeler
Configuration test


•  Preparation and start of the process

Process modeling
Creating a runtime environment for the process
An example of BPMN 2.0 XML process definition
Building a Cloud Connector
Deploy Cloud Connector
Testing the process
Expansion of the runtime environment

Alfresco Development Framework development training (2 days)

Training in the use and developing of the Alfresco Development Framework.

Alfresco Development Framework development training (2 days)


Introduction to ADF
Angular Material Design
Preparation of the programming environment
Creating the first ADF application
Creating an ADF application with Yeoman
Creating a JavaScript application using alfresco-js-api
Adding a new component
Adding a new view
Using components
Basic appearance
Customizing the login component
Use of DataTable
The use of Node API
Access documents using the JS-API
Document metadata component
Activiti 7 and ADF
Configure the ADF Content App
Extending the functionality of components
Creating and configuring forms
Configure the appearance
Adding additional code to the component

Alfresco Community Edition development training (3 days)

Training is the use and developing of the Alfresco Community Edition.

Alfresco Community Edition development training (3 days)



•  Installation

Possibilities of starting the Alfresco environment
Container images of Alfresco
Alfresco Composition
Prerequisites for implementation
Deploy with Docker Compose


•  Configuration

Configuration overwiew
Configuration subsystems
Configuration databases
Configuration repositories
Configuration servers
Configuration e-mail
Configuration e-mail templates
Configuration LibreOffice
Configuration ActiveMQ
Configuration smart folders
Content modeling


•  Administration

Using admin console
Management of Alfresco Share functions
User and group management
Configure authentication and security
Configuring clustering
Configuring multi-company
Creating and managing a workflow
Transformation management
Configuring content stores
Importing and transferring files
Data migration to Alfresco Application monitoring
Backup and restore

Heartbeat function


•  Creating application and extensions

Architecture of Alfresco Content Service for developer
APIs available for Alfresco and when to use them
Creating client applications based on the Alfresco REST API
Extending the Alfresco platform
Preparation of Alfresco integration
Creating extensions using JavaScript and FreeMarker
Creating a dedicated REST API for Alfresco
How to distribute and apply extensions?
How to write new services in Java and check which APIs are supported?
Configuration and customization of Alfresco Share
Adding extensions to Alfresco Share


User training

Training in the use of the Alfresco Community system and implemented business processes.

User training is part of implementation project. It allows users to become familiar with the system. Users receive also manual for each implemented process.

Administrator training

Training in the installation, administration, and maintenance of the Alfresco Community system.

Administrative training is part of the implementation project and allows the system administrator to learn about the system’s administrative tools, as well as learn and practice system continuity management procedures.