About us

Who we are?

BeOne Sp. z o.o. is a team of experts, who work at implementation of electronic workflow solutions, documents, complex support for archiving systems.

Our mission

We respond to the needs of customers who increasingly notice the great benefits of document workflow within the organization in electronic form and the use of an efficient electronic document archive. It allows to significantly expedite the circulation, enforce the paths of conduct and effectively supervise the process. Almost a decade ago, we started our business by co-creating the Workflow team and implementing electronic process management solutions. Over the years, we have created a Workflow solution and implemented implementation projects. The experience gained during this time and getting to know clients expectations in various aspects enabled us not only to successfully implement Workflow systems, but also to advise on solving optimization problems.

Our team

Actually, there are 40 consultants in the Workflow team who are ready to work with you.