Correspondence Workflow (incoming and outgoing documents) in The Medical Company.

Office document Workflow on Alfresco Community Platform allowed medical company to rearrange incoming documents in dozens of branches located in the whole Poland.

Implementation of Workflow for the Office service increased communication efficiency. All incoming documents is scanned and distributed in electronic way within the company. Email correspondence is registered in Alfresco Community and useless attachments are deleted. Contact database management and electronic mailboxes with the possibility to attach documents to tasks/processes give user wide view of process state and generally correspondence flow.

Each incoming document (correspondence – letters, fax, emails) is scanned/registered and classified according to its content (basic OCR). System reads barcodes and use full-text ocr, what helps to reduce paper documents within the company and helps in fast document search. System keeps full archives for searching and helps user to locate documents in paper archives.

Electronic task assigning to person/group helps to work with tasks in real time without any delay and gives user the opportunity to react fast according to implemented business process. Office process monitoring helps you to track process state and keep task deadline. Being on time influence business partner relations and business continuity.

Workflow correspondence process for office incoming/outgoing document advantages:

  • Speedup of process completing
  • Clear process for incoming/outgoing document flow
  • System/document access control
  • Fast task assigning
  • One document repository in the company, there is no need to send, print or copy documents
  • You can find any company document in one place – in Alfresco Community.