Workflow invoice processing in production company.

Production company had to challenge rapid growth. They had to invest to increase production capacity. The result of that growth was a big number of invoices and it was difficult to control them. The result of that Company had problems to proceed invoices on time and more often had to pay interest for delay. There was also unnecessary expenditure because of lower invoice control. Because of rapid growth, many factors were unnoticeable.

Then decision was made that they needed to rearrange invoice process. Because of the scale, traditional paper invoice flow was unacceptable. After analysis they decided to implement Invoice Process Workflow on Alfresco Community platform.

The aim of this project was to design and implement system which let them work with modelled invoice process, let them control invoice payment deadline, let them calculate and pay taxes on time. The additional aim was to implement world platform what guarantee platform development and security of processed data.

It took 4 months to implement Alfresco Community platform. First software provider (BeOne) designed invoice process model in cooperation with company employees. Based on that, BeOne implemented invoice process on Alfresco Community platform. BeOne also prepared integration with Finance System and gave the company configured System for testing. After testing period, when all problems were solved, BeOne started production version of the system. Then traditional paper invoice flow was changed into electronic way.

All aims were achieved. Reports gave information to the company that deadlines are kept. Better invoice control with implemented acceptance matrix let the company reduce unnecessary expenditures.