Platforma Alfresco Community

Dynamic Development

Alfresco Community in connection with Activity is widely used all over the world as one of the most efficient document manager and managment system, above all easy to configure and open. Alfresco Community is free of charge for licence, dynamic development and certainty of implementing a proven solution. Many clients choose Alfresco solution, because the system’s openness guarantees its continuous development and minimizes the risk of implementing a system that will cease to be supported globally

Alfresco as ECM

Alfresco Community is an performance repository for document management, authorization management, access management, versioning of documents, data lists

Alfresco BPM

Activiti BPM is a Workflow engine that allows you to design and implement Worklfow processes as part of the Alfresco Community platform

Comparison of extensions Alfresco Community i Alfresco Enterprise

BeOne ensures the implementation of the Alfresco One Community Edition platform with the extensions and commercial support provided by BeOne. The Alfresco One Community Edition system with BeOne extensions enables better performance and functionality in comparison to Alfresco Enterprise without BeOne extensions. BeOne offers a open platform dedicated to deployments with high loads, large data volumes and high reliability and environmental flexibility. As a result, we are able to provide linear and scalable scaling, both vertically and horizontally. The Alfresco One Community Edition system with BeOne extensions allows you to meet the requirements for simultaneous handling of a minimum of 100 requests per second without a significant impact on response time. A load exceeding 70% of the estimated HW resources and an increase in response time above 50% is considered significant.

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